Creative Arts Group Therapy

As professional therapists, we are only too aware of the reality for all healthcare professionals of working with clients where we ourselves may experience issues with; parallel process, vicarious trauma, transferential issues, our own attachment style or even burn out. These, and many other related issues can all be expressed, explored and processed by engaging in creative therapy work. This is particularly suitable professionals working with difficult & challenging client groups with no clinical supervision.

Our creative arts therapy groups are not supervisory, however they are the perfect space for reflective practice and also the opportunity for you to off-load, have space to re-connect with yourself and explore your own feelings.This is why we are running group therapy sessions which are suitable for for Counsellors, Therapists, Mental Health Professionals,  Nurses, Teachers, Doctors, Support Workers, Mentors, Social Workers, Holistic Healers and anyone else working in the caring professions. Our groups are also suitable for anyone who wants to explore their own connection to creativity and any blocks they may experience. 

The groups are limited to ten spaces per session and run once monthly for 3 1/2 hours in total, including a refreshment break. Charlotte & Rich run every session together, giving a unique experience of both female and male energy holding the room. We are currently looking to start sessions in Stroud and Cheltenham on a Thursday evening.

Creative Connections are also able to design bespoke therapy groups to suit the needs of organisations or companies who have a requirement for effective reflective practice sesions for their staff.  

Please contact us if you are interested in Creative Arts Group Therapy