Creative Arts Therapies Workshops


Our creative workshops are designed as CPD courses, suitable for Counsellors, Therapists & Students of Counselling & Psychotherapy. We provide attendees with a certificate of CPD hours obtained.

Our prices are inclusive of all creative materials and light refreshments (lunch is not included), take advantage of our early bird discount price!

The use of creative work in therapeutic practice is nothing new, we only have to look at the legacies of work left behind by people such as Carl Jung and Natalie Rogers to see that therapists have been integrating creative work into their practice's for decades. But it is not a widely known or much taught method of working with clients, one of the reasons we originally decided to create our own Creative Arts workshops for therapists. 

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

-Dr Seuss

Introducing creative work into your practice opens up a new, rich world of expression, communication and awareness for your clients to explore in. Modern neuroscience research shows us that our right brain is more active when we engage in creative process. The right side of the brain is also linked to our unconscious. Therefore, by using creative process in the therapy room, we are able to bring parts of our clients unconscious selves into their conscious awareness.

Our workshops begin with Creative Arts in Therapeutic Practice - breaking it down to give you an overview of skills, theory and practice. Our aim is to provide you with an immersive experience in Creative Arts Therapies. We will explore the meaning of creativity to us all as individuals, talk about the importance of environment, our view and approach to therapy itself and evoking a sense of play into the therapy room. We also take a look at and explain the neuroscience behind our creative mind, as well as introducing  and demonstrating  counselling & psychotherapy theories, techniques & interventions and, most importantly; illustrating to you the potential uses of creative work by inviting you to try out different artistic mediums and get hands on yourself! 

Following on from the introduction workshop, we have created a series of further workshops for counsellors and therapists - taking a spotlight approach to exploring selected themes, topics, theory and associated creative activities at a deeper level. These will be available soon, contact us to join our mailing list for future workshops.

We are currently also in the process of planning tailored creative workshops for professionals in other healthcare sectors.